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Fun story ... when i was a kid i’d spend hours learning songs and dance routines - Janet, Whitney, Madonna; you name it i knew it. My mum would always say “i hope u know ur books as well as u know that song” 😬 I’d always say it’ll come in handy just you wait. Well Memorial weekend I got to prove that those ‘rehearsals’ mattered by living out my @whitneyhouston dreams @toucanspalmsprings Sunday night Drag Show. @iam_jsimone was slaying the room & called me on stage to lip sync to one of my favorite Whitney songs. I think we did ok. What do you think? #dragshow #preparingallmylife #lookatmenowmum 😂 @lipsyncbattle get me on your show oh wait i have to famous working on it lol. Thanks @adam_bucci_photography @adamthuss for your love and attention to details lol and Steven for 🎥 best bachelor weekend #Adam▫️

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