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Comedy scene 2

Audition 2


Aerial acrobatics


Comedy scene

#HittingTheBreaks streaming now on @pureflix @iamrobschneider @greggbinkley love you both you talented sillies! Don’t be afraid of failure, don’t be afraid to try try and try again. Take the mask off and let people see you, the real you. It’s worth it and you will be safe and accepted by the right people. Check out this episode all about being vulnerable and #overcoming #fear 💪🏽

From day 1 I was so in love with this movie, Louis Zamperini’s epic survival story and most of all his redemption and healing when he gave it all to Christ.

#Auditions can be stressful, fun, invigorating, down right embarrassing, and some even let you dive so deep you get lost and surprise yourself. The life of an actor is beautiful, thrilling, scary, unsteady, and most of all- rewarding. The journey has brought me so close to God. The trust and belief are key. The journey thus far is nothing short of a miracle and I am so excited to see all of His other plans unfold. So much respect to my fellow actors and actresses for the strength, persistence, resilience, determination, and courage it takes.

“You’re the kind of story I’m burning to tell” 🎶 @roan_ash helping inspire me today with the incredible @terrybeeman 🎪SWIPE LEFT ⬅️ . . #aerial #aerialsilks #aerialdance #veganfitness #vegan #countrymusic

A little #HittingTheBreaks streaming on @pureflix Fun times with @greggbinkley & @timtebow @robbytebow 👀